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Trials of Imorah is a 2D platforming game with a major focus on exploration. Each level holds many paths to choose and  secrets to uncover.

The challenges of each level will only grow greater, so finding upgrades throughout the world would be wise. However, very few items are actually vital for completing this adventure. Try to find new equipment each time you play.

Delve into the underground realm of Imorah - an expansive  hell constructed by the gods to test the strength of mortal challengers. Reaching the end will reward the mightiest of heroes with immortality, but what other secrets does this ancient place hold?

Currently the tutorial and first three levels are complete of a planned ten. Feedback throughout development would be graciously appreciated.

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Floorium - Paul  D - Programming, Art, OST, Design, Sound Effects
Inspector J Sound Effects - Sound Effects
Sidearm Studios - Sound Effects
Built in Unity 5

Install instructions

Unzip the downloaded file.
Run the .exe to play.
Controls can be seen in Settings or by hitting right-shift in game.


Trials_Of_Imorah_v0.40.zip 183 MB

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