October 2020

Hello Everyone!

Another month has passed us by. Here's the progress of Trials of Imorah in the last 4 weeks:

-Almost completed Wind Temple terrain
-Almost completed Temple Sidequest
-New wind particles effects
-More info displayed on main menu save files
-Breeze Bug Eggs - break and spawn more enemies
-Started reworking input background code - one day will be remappable
-Earthquake Tome - attack can damage all enemies touching the ground in an area
-Hints and Lore bits now display on loading screens
-Boss rooms and Ambush rooms now have signs of danger to warn players
-Loading screens from the main menu to the game world now fade to black
-Lots of bug fixing and general improvements

Admittedly I didn't get as far as I would've liked, but my life has been extremely busy lately. I'm looking forward to getting more progress done. Hope you all have a spooky October.

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