December 2020

November is over ... winter is on it's way ... and I'm SO looking forward to making more progress. This past month was very productive.

-2nd Boss - The Wind Wyrm - is complete.
-2nd Level Ending Cutscene
-Rock Terrain Sprite Set for Level 3
-Ice Immunity Potion
-New Enemy - Bomber Fish - Explodes on Impact
-Super Effective Attacks now have gold values instead of green
-Added Destination Screenshots to the Teleportation Menu
-Electrocuted Water now properly glows
-Level Design Planning for Level 3

Version 0.28 of the game now includes a functionally complete level 2. You can now playtest all the crazy wind currents and electrical enemies. I finished my goal with a month to spare, so I'm going to get a head start on 2021 with working on Level 3 now. I hope you have fun playtesting the game - any and all feedback would be so so so appreciated. Thanks for reading <3

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