April 2021 - New Build Available

Happy April to all of you. 

I was not originally planning on releasing another new Build for a while, but I recently discovered some concerning issues with the way save files are loaded from the main menu and felt I needed to apply the fixes. You all now have access to a bunch of other new content in this build as a treat.

New Changes in Version 0.32:

-Most of Urza Basin is now available.
-Balancing changes to several runes and the treasure chests in the Inner Sanctuary.
-New Poisonous Water  Enemy - Crux Coral.
-Changed Water System, limiting how far electrical currents can spread and apply damage.
-Added Retractable floor spikes that damage the Player, Enemies, and Destructible Objects.
-Added decorative, illuminating Coral sprites.
-Added new Light Spell for purchase - providing a reliable light source in the dark.
-Added Soul Bound Doors - kill the attached enemies to pass through.
-When killed by AOE damage, some enemies now erupt into a bloody mess instead of 'poofing' into smoke.
-Claymore Mines now have all 4 elements available.
-Hardcore save files no longer 'corrupt' other regular save file slots.
-Lots of bug fixing/ improvements with the Fire System, Bomber Fish, Sound Effects (When underwater), and Sirens.

While Urza Basin is now open to explore (although not 100% complete) - the second half of the water level where much of the new content exists is blocked off. The newest area is simply not ready.

Hope these changes are fun, and hope you all have a wonderful day. Until next time, friends.


Trials_of_Imorah_v0.32.zip 139 MB
Apr 25, 2021

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