September 2021 - New Build Available

Happy September to all of you my dear friends!

I've just uploaded the new v0.34 Indev Build for playtesting purposes. A lot of changes have been added. The 3rd Level is still not entirely where I want it to be, but the main route is done. It represents a good playthrough of the section. 

v0.34 Changes and Additions:

-New Water Level Area - The Cove
-Neutral Fish populate some water sections
-Updated Main Menu Artwork
-New Boss Fight - The Master Necromancer - Cerberus
-When killed by AOE damage, the Player explodes into a bloody mess
-New plant sprites for detailing
-New Cave Mushroom Item - eat for random effects... oh no
-Rune Upgrade System - only accessible through debug, but can finally use all those monster drops!
-Oil now has splash effects and a surface animation
-New Enemy - Ignition Slimes - light surroundings on fire
-New Enemy - Floating Turret - shoots a variety of elemental projectiles depending on the environment (fire for oil)
-New Rune - increases the knockback from arrows
-Projectiles have a new setting, allowing them to home in on targets
-When on low enough health, a heart beat sound plays
-Lots of new terrain art assets as I start work on Level 4
-Lots of playtesting and bug fixing (of course)

Thanks for all your support, friends! I hope you have a wonderful day!


Trials_of_Imorah_v0.34 149 MB
Sep 22, 2021

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