March 2022 - Yearly Update

It is that time of year once again, so how is the development of Trials of Imorah?

Progress has been good, but it has felt slower than it could be. Level 4 is far more ambitious than Level 3, so a lot of work has been going into less flashy things like terrain artwork and prototyping new hazardous mechanics. There will basically be a giant dump of new content once I have everything to build the level, which has good progress so far. Admittedly most of the new content is not yet accessible, as the new area "Altin Canal" is blocked off in this current build. New items can be obtained using cheats, but the other new content will take a while longer to be available.

My goal is still to complete a level a year. I expect to maintain that pace, hopefully without sacrificing too much of my vision. Level 4 is supposed to be a whole city, so there's still loads of artwork to be made.

Anyways, thanks for reading. Here are the new additions since my post in September:

- New Enemy - Homing Turret
-New Enemy - Tax Collector
-Updated System for Electrocutable Terrain
-New Mini-Explosion Spell
-New Item - Void Tether - Projectile follows the cursor
-Updated Spellbook Sprites
-New Enemy - Mimic - Careful opening chests!
-Sidequest - help Urza Village!
-New Airspin attack Effects
-New "Spin Engines" launch the player when attacked

Have a wonderful year, everyone :)

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Mar 06, 2022

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