August 2022 - New Build Available

More progress has been made over the past few months. I've stayed on track with completing most of Level 4, as well as its boss. I am very proud of the progress, despite how long it has taken. Level 4 was the most ambitious section yet, so I'm looking forward to Level 5 being less intense mechanically. A new terrain pallet and remixes on existing mechanics can be expected soon.

Here are the outlined additions and changes. In the meantime, please consider playtesting the game and submitting feedback. Thank you for reading and have a great August.

-New Area - Avarium
-New Area - The Mining Facility 
-New Sub-Area - The Siren's Depths (Part of Level 3)
-Fixed Bomb Particle Errors
-Rune Modifier Implemented - New Upgrade Menu in Level 4
-New Enemy - Dark Float Turret - Fires bombs
-Guardian Shield can now reflect bombs
-New Enemy - Tax Collector w/ Shield (Shields can be destroyed by void/anti-magic spells)
-Fixed Player Animation Oddities 
-Guardian Shield now fades instead of toggling instantly
-Lifespark item - charges the player
-Puzzle Door Destructable Blocks
-Stack Rune - deal compounding damage
-Robotic hanging skeletons variation
-Beam Spell Vendor
-Many more bug-fixes and optimizations
-New Boss - Chryso

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Aug 14, 2022

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