October 2022 - New Build Available

A new build is ready for you to test out with more additions to both Level 4 and the rest of Imorah. Happy Halloween everyone!

-New Sub-Area - The Sewer
-New Side quest in Level 4
-Many new NPC's in the new Scrap Tavern
-Added Alcoholic items and a new Drunk Debuff
-New Nature's Wrath item is available in the Upper Chasm
-Many Buffs now have icons instead of just solid colors
-Added Map Tab to the inventory menu (Maps only visible for Levels 1 and 2)
-Added several new runes (Arc Beam Rune is my favorite)
-Oil pools can now refil in certain areas
-Burning oil now properly emits light.
-Pure Black Imorium - now we're only missing Blue.
-Mana costs are highlighted in item descriptions
-Use Quick Item menu with "F", but has notable issues to work out
-Void Wand Item - AOE attack that breaks magic shields
-Bosses can now be rematched with a summon item
-New food items for a little health  (apples and meat legs)
-Lots of bug fixing with enemy AI and misc. UI


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95 days ago

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